Total site area: 11,700 m²

Total floor area: 9,300 m²

Date of commencement of the works: March 2009

End date of the works: inauguration January 2010

Redevelopment and expansion of an old textile factory and office buildings to showrooms for BMW and MINI and associated offices, workshops, body shop and second hand car showroom.

Project description:

In 2009, BMW and Mini dealership Daeninck NV built a new branch along the Westerring in Oudenaarde. The company purchased an old mill and converted it into an 8,800m² branch for workshops and a showroom.

The old mill was a large, enclosed shed that was highly suitable for the organisation of the workshops, storage and warehouse.

However, a part of the front had to be opened up for the showroom. To this effect, one building module was ‘cut off’ and replaced by a car landscape. The construction of slopes, placing the walls, sky lights and canopies within the original building created different (driving) lanes/zones. These zones organise the large space for individual functions: second hand, top models, new models, specials, etc. By raising the space at the back the entire area is clearly visible and uncluttered, both from inside as well as from outside. The centrally located entrance and counter between these zones invites visitors to discover the landscape/showroom. 

Publication in Bouwen aan Vlaanderen – year 2010 no 3.