- Spacious family residence for a family with 4 children

- Kinetherapy practice with entrance / exercising area with desk / 2 treatment rooms / storage

- Architect’s office with at least 4 work spaces / meeting room / working table (architectural model) / space for plotters / printers / server room


A corner plot was deliberately chosen (dimensions 25m x 45m) for the sake of visibility (commercial). Moreover, the presence of two adjacent streets to the plot facilitates accessibility to the entire site.

Vision – construction:

Due to the large residential programme, a habitable area of over 500m² was required. Following local regulations, a maximum buildable area of 16m x 17m, or 272m² was allowed. So the desired area requires a large building block with maximum dimensions and is over two floors (ground floor + first floor). Moreover, the local regulations also envisaged a sloping roof.

All these factors combined (two large floors with a sloping roof) would result in a huge building volume that would not suit the plot or the surrounding area.

For this reason a deviation was applied for at the local council for placing a flat roof and for floors to be placed underground.

This resulted in a smaller visible building volume with only a visible ground floor.

Underground levels housed functions that required little or no daylight, such as storage rooms, technical rooms, the children’s bathroom, architectural modelling and printing room and the meeting area.

The children’s rooms were also housed underground. To ensure maximum light a patio was integrated into the design and a part of the garden was built lower down. This meant the bedrooms could also be equipped with regular windows.

The ground floor was furnished with the living areas, the office space for the architect and the practice space for the kinetherapist. At the top a smaller area was built with a sleeping area and the parent’s shower room.

Adjacent to the residential terraces and a swimming pool a transition between the residence and the garage is made.